A la carte

Steak tartare

smoked quail egg, marinated vegetables

4200 Ft

Eggs Gluten

Grilled foie gras

lecsó, potato bread

4350 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Mangalica cold cuts

4450 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Smoked trout fillet

fennel salad, aioli

4200 Ft

Eggs Fish Lactose

Roasted artichokes with salted pistachio

garlic-coriander mousse

3800 Ft


Roasted bone marrow

marinated vegetables

3900 Ft


Goulash soup

2900 Ft

Celery Gluten

Chicken bouillon

2700 Ft

Celery Eggs Gluten

Seasonal soup

2700 Ft

Chicken paprikás

galuska, pickled lettuce

4850 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Veal schnitzel

mayonnaise-potato salad

7300 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Duck leg confit

apple-mashed potato, red cabbage purée

5600 Ft

BBQ Mangalica Spare Ribs

homemade potato fries, coleslaw

6400 Ft

Lactose Mustard Sesame


pak choi, burned cauliflower, fish jus

6200 Ft

Fish Gluten Lactose Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

Superfood salad

topping: grilled avocado / goat cheese / chicken breast

4750 Ft

Lactose Nuts Sesame Soybeans

Beef tenderloin steak Budapest

9500 Ft

Smoked whole trout

fried celery, crunchy fresh salad, rémoulade sauce

6200 Ft

Celery Eggs Fish Gluten Lactose Mustard

Grilled goose liver

potato pancake with berries, pinot noir jus

9000 Ft

Eggs Gluten Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

Tomahawk steak /100g

sauce selection (green pepper, chili-tomato jam, blue cheese), homemade potato fries, crunchy fresh salad

2300 Ft

Crunchy fresh salad

2700 Ft


Homemade potato fries

1400 Ft


700 Ft


Sauces, dips

1100 Ft

Sponge cake Somlói

2650 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose Nuts

Curd dumplings

sour cream with cinnamon

2500 Ft

Eggs Gluten Lactose

Vegan blueberry cake

2650 Ft

Eszterházy cake

2800 Ft

Eggs Lactose Nuts